Why Apply?

Debt Counsellors in Bloemfontein

Why Consumers Apply

There is no denying that debt review is a fantastic way to deal with over indebtedness. If a consumer owes more toward his debts at the end of a month than he can cover (while still covering all his other basic costs) he is over indebted and can qualify to use the provision in the National Credit Act that allows him or her to apply to court for debt restructuring.

10 Benefits

  1. You can take control of your finances with the assistance of a debt counsellor.
  2. While under debt review stress levels are reduced.
  3. A realistic monthly budget (made up with the help of a professional Debt Counsellor) makes provisions for monthly costs and savings.
  4. A single combined debt payment is made (less individual payments to various accounts in various amounts)
  5. You will learn to budget and your credit budget becomes a cash budget
  6. Credit providers accept payment over longer time periods – which allows payment amounts to be reduced on a monthly basis.
  7. You only pay back what you owe on you loans and nothing more
  8. No additional costs, fees, charges or interest is allowed under debt review
  9. Your debt counsellor must protect your rights under the Credit Act
  10. You have professional and legal advice during your Debt Review term