More About Zune

Debt Counsellors in Bloemfontein

My Experience

I opened the doors of my practice on 24 June 2009 as DRS Mangaung under the DRS Franchise. DRS is an acronym for Debt Restructuring Services.

I attended the NCR Debt Counselling Training in Port Elizabeth in July 2009 and obtained my certificate with a 90% aggregate.

After a lengthy application process, I was finally registered as a Debt Counsellor under the registration nr NCRDC1599 on 7 February 2010.

On 1 April 2011 I changed my practice’s trading name from DRS Mangaung to Zuné Coetzer Debt Counsellors. The reason I use my name as the trading name is because I am the brand of my business.

My company is small and I operate from a home based office to keep my overheads low. This gives me the freedom to consult on a personal basis with my clients.

Our Logo is a flower with a pearl in the centre of its petals. This symbolizes that we protect our client’s credibility (which is portrayed as a precious pearl) with our professional knowledge and service (which is portrayed by the green petals enfolding the pearl).

I obtained my facilitator certificate from Compuscan in 2011 and have been actively training prospective debt counsellors for Compuscan and Damelin.

I was appointed Chairperson for the Alliance for Professional Debt Counsellors in SA (Allprodc) and served in that position from November 2014 until Jan 2017.

During that time I represented Allprodc on National forums such as the Credit Industry Forum (CIF) and in discussions with the National Credit Regulators (NCR) management team and Head of Debt Counselling department, directly.

I have a passion for consumers and this amazing process called Debt Review.  I see myself as an enthusiastic scholar of the legal process provided to consumers by the National Credit Act, 34 of 2005 as amended and is constantly in discussions with learned friends and colleagues in the industry.

In 2016 I also wrote an opinion for Allprodc together with my colleague, Renée Marais NCRDC1780 from Pretoria that was sent to the NCR and CIF.

My Inspiration and Guidance:

During July 2009 I bought a specific painting for my office (shown above).  On the back I found a sealed envelope.  It was addressed to The Buyer.

Mig Miles, the artist, told me that while she was painting it, she got a Devine message for the person who would buy this painting and she typed it out and placed it in the envelope on the back of the painting.

The following messages was in the Envelope:

“My Dearest Child,

I want you to be happy!

Don’t take heed of those religious gossip mongers who think themselves holier than Me – even evil-personified still think himself to be an angel of light you know.  Why would his disciples be different?  Any word(s) that bring about hopelessness and despair are NOT of ME!

I have planned this road for you from the beginning of time, you are exactly where I want you to be.

I will not leave NOT leave you nor forsake you, not now not ever –

So what IF the pathway I have chosen you to travel do not fit into the high and mighty mind-sets of the legalistic, they (the legalistic leeches) are causing the frustration you lately stumble over.

I have chosen you to be a prototype.

 May I remind you again I anointed the called, allow My spirit to lead you still.

Refuse to be swayed by those condemning what they don’t (and never will) understand, you are unique and I love you for that.

Always on your side


I view this as a personal invitation from the Devine Powers that be to be of assistance to all the consumers in SA, not only to facilitate the debt review process but to make a difference in the industry as a whole.